Personalized Napkin Holder


Personalization Directions!

  1. Choose the design you would like from the Options gallery. (Option #1 – Option #6)
  2. Decide on your personalized text
    • Examples: “The Smiths”, “Hannah & Matt”, “Merry Christmas”
      • Note: I will design around your entered text to make it look perfect with the chosen design option
      • Make sure to enter text EXACTLY how you would like it. If you don’t add the year, I will not. If you do not capitalize words/names, I will not. If you put + instead of &, I will put + (or vice versa).
  3. Enter your design option and your personalized text in the text box below
    • Example: “Option #2, “Angela + Ethan”
  4. A proof will be sent to you via email to approve final design